About us

Dialogue adaptors, subtitlers and audio descriptors


We like playing with words

Whether it is about writing the lines of a film, recreating the song of a cartoon or telling what is happening on the screen to those who cannot see it.

We aim at quality

Within our team every script is examined by several and different people. For each product, we carefully choose the words and style, define the register, adapt the lines and punctuation to give the viewer a product in line to the original and that sounds spontaneous, at the same time.

We believe in teamwork

Thanks also to our network of collaborators, we are able to manage a large amount of work: from the adaptation of entire TV series to subtitling a complete filmic review.

We are curious

We like experimenting and taking up always new challenges. For a few years now, we have enjoyed devising educational projects for high schools and collaborating with universities and training agencies.

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